thermo.miscdata module

thermo.miscdata.VDI_tabular_data(CASRN, prop)[source]

This function retrieves the tabular data available for a given chemical and a given property. Lookup is based on CASRNs. Length of data returned varies between chemicals. All data is at saturation condition from [R10101010].

Function has data for 58 chemicals.


CASRN : string


prop : string

Property [-]


Ts : list

Temperatures where property data is available, [K]

props : list

Properties at each temperature, [various]


The available properties are ‘P’, ‘Density (l)’, ‘Density (g)’, ‘Hvap’, ‘Cp (l)’, ‘Cp (g)’, ‘Mu (l)’, ‘Mu (g)’, ‘K (l)’, ‘K (g)’, ‘Pr (l)’, ‘Pr (g)’, ‘sigma’, ‘Beta’, ‘Volume (l)’, and ‘Volume (g)’.

Data is available for all properties and all chemicals; surface tension data was missing for mercury, but added as estimated from the a/b coefficients listed in Jasper (1972) to simplify the function.


[R10101010](1, 2) Gesellschaft, VDI, ed. VDI Heat Atlas. 2E. Berlin : Springer, 2010.


>>> VDI_tabular_data('67-56-1', 'Mu (g)')
([337.63, 360.0, 385.0, 410.0, 435.0, 460.0, 500.0], [1.11e-05, 1.18e-05, 1.27e-05, 1.36e-05, 1.46e-05, 1.59e-05, 2.04e-05])