Problem 14.15 Joule-Thomson Coefficient for Methane Using the Peng-Robinson EOS

Calculate the Joule-Thomson coefficient of methane at 300 K and 30 bar, using the Peng Robinson model.


This is straightforward.

# Set the conditions and imports
from scipy.constants import bar
from thermo import ChemicalConstantsPackage, PRMIX, CEOSLiquid, CEOSGas, FlashPureVLS
fluid = 'methane'
constants, correlations = ChemicalConstantsPackage.from_IDs([fluid])

T = 300
P = 30*bar
zs = [1]

eos_kwargs = dict(Tcs=constants.Tcs, Pcs=constants.Pcs, omegas=constants.omegas)
liquid = CEOSLiquid(PRMIX, HeatCapacityGases=correlations.HeatCapacityGases,
gas = CEOSGas(PRMIX, HeatCapacityGases=correlations.HeatCapacityGases,
flasher = FlashPureVLS(constants, correlations, liquids=[liquid], gas=gas, solids=[])

res = flasher.flash(T=T, P=P, zs=zs)
print(f'The JT coefficient at the specified conditions is {res.Joule_Thomson():.4g} K/Pa')
The JT coefficient at the specified conditions is 4.652e-06 K/Pa